Fifteen students graduated from VanWest Vancouver on September 19th.  At the  time, students who take the Singing class sang songs in front of us.  The performance was great and it filled the ceremony of enthusiasm.  Please see this video!!

After graduation, many of the students will apply their English skills in a practical setting; some students will do an internship, and others will transfer to our partner schools. Our Transfer Program is one of our most popular programs.  We really recommend this program for students who would like to gain knowledge of a specific field.  Students who take this program can transfer easily to our partner schools without taking any English exams such as TOEFL after they finish our level 4 in General English studies.  Our current partner schools are: The Art Institute of Vancouver, Eton College, Joji’s Hair Academy, VPC and BCIT.  If you take our Transfer Program, you will get a valuable experience through an international education, and it will open the successful way in your future.

Please visit, if you are interested in the Transfer Programs.

Today we would like to introduce Mika. Mika was one of the students who graduated on September 19th this year.  She has studied English at VanWest Vancouver for three months, and she wants to teach English to children once she goes back to Japan.

We asked her why she chose our school from the many English language schools in Vancouver, and she told us that the reason is that we have a medium-sized school, and there are friendly staff, experienced teachers and students of different nationalities. Also, she told us that she had spent an amazing time at VanWest Vancouver, and she made many friends here. Actually, she plans to visit her new friends’ countries in the near future.

When Mika first arrived, she could not express what she meant in class, but now she can talk with her friends about any topic in English!! She will continue studying English for the future and we really hope she becomes a good teacher. Congratulations Mika!!


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  1. Congrats on a great program. !!

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