Cambridge Business English plus Internship program

Today we have information about the Cambridge Business English plus Internship program. This program includes morning General English lessons and afternoon Cambridge Business English studies (total of 30 hours per week) followed by an experience related internship placement. This is suitable for students who would like to apply their English skills in a practical setting as well as study for professional career development.

Internships have become very popular among international students as a way to gain valuable experience through working in an English-speaking environment. This training is also an advantage when students are looking for work after returning home.

Specific English levels are required to qualify for entry into the Cambridge Business English plus Internship program. Strong English skills help students succeed on the job and start their internship with confidence. Now we will show you a video of the Cambridge Business English class.

We provide constant support for students by helping them prepare resumes, write cover letters, take interviews and perform many other business related tasks.

After completing our Cambridge Business English program, you will have the necessary skills to succeed in an internship placement. This will really be a great experience.

For more detailed information, please log on to our website at or contact us!!

Finally, here is some information about our activities. We offer a variety of things to do, including hockey games, pub nights, cultural days, yoga, skiing, movie nights, parties, free conversation club and more!! It is a very good chance for students to meet new friends and improve their English skills. Most of our students join the activities after class and enjoy it with their friends.

Clyde Nilsen (left) is one of our activity coordinators and he plans many interesting events for students. This month, VanWest is having our annual Halloween Party. Students, teachers and staff wear Halloween costumes, carve pumpkins and play games. Please join us for the fun!!


VanWest College is the best English language school, providing high-quality English programs along with exciting and fun activities. We are looking forward to meeting you soon at VanWest College!!

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.


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