VanWest Kelowna

VanWest College has campuses in both Vancouver and Kelowna, BC. Today, we will give you information about VanWest Kelowna. Kelowna is located on the east side of Lake Okanagan and the population is about 160,000. There are ethnic restaurants, local pubs, unique shops, art galleries, museums and theaters. People in Kelowna are very friendly and they warmly welcome international students.  Most residents speak English as their first language and students will quickly improve their English speaking skills.

VanWest Kelowna provides small class sizes and students can receive plenty of attention and support. They also offer students various activities, including snowboarding, horseback-riding, boating, winery visits, fruit picking and more. Our students can easily transfer between VanWest Vancouver and VanWest Kelowna.

Now we would like to introduce Takashi (bottom left) who is one of our transfer students. He studied English at VanWest Kelowna for six months and then transferred to VanWest Vancouver on September 21st. He said that VanWest Kelowna is a medium-sized school, and all of the students, teachers and staff are very friendly. Julie, the receptionist/homestay coordinator gave him good advice whenever he needed it. He also told us that Kelowna is the best place to study English and have a lot of fun after class. He always joined activities, played volleyball on the beach, went swimming in the beautiful lake, visited wineries and so on. Sometimes he went to parties with his friends.

When Takashi first arrived in Kelowna, he could only say yes or no in English, but now he can speak and express his thoughts in English very well. He told us that he improved a lot at VanWest Kelowna and he is very satisfied with that. He also really misses VanWest Kelowna and plans to visit there again.

Now he is taking a level 5 General English class but, starting next week, he will take Business English and then do an internship. We are sure that he will continue to improve his English skills even more at VanWest Vancouver and he will have a great experience doing an internship next year!!

Thank you for the interview, Takashi!!

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