Congratulations Yoshiya!!

Twenty students graduated from VanWest Vancouver on October 17th. Today we would like to introduce one of them.  Yoshiya Kozono was a marvelous and outstanding student. At the graduation ceremony, he gave an amazing speech to all the students, teachers and staff. We really would like you to watch this video so you can understand how wonderful his speech was.

Yoshiya studied English at VanWest Vancouver from August 30/04 to June 24/05 and again from December 3/07 to October 17/08 (a total of 21months).  He started his studies in a High Beginner, level 2 General English class.  He told us that he could hardly speak anything in English at that time.  However, he never spoke Japanese, even if he was outside of the school, and he always tried to use a lot of vocabulary he learned in class.  When he returned to Japan in June of 2005, he had reached the High Advanced, level 6 General English class.

In Japan, he worked as a manager in a chemical company and he had an opportunity to attend a meeting as a translator. He worked to the best of his abilities and he was very efficient at his job. Although his English skills were a high level, he was eager to improve more and more. Therefore, he returned to VanWest Vancouver to study English at the end of November in 2007.

Yoshiya describes VanWest College as a medium-sized school with a friendly atmosphere, where all of the students, teachers and staff know each other very well.  He also told us that our teachers are experienced and very helpful, so students can improve their English skills steadily.  Yoshiya has now completed the High Advanced level 6 General English class, participated in the Cambridge CAE Program and leaves VanWest with a very high score in TOEIC.

When he returns to Japan, he is going to apply his English skills to get a job at a trading company.  Also, he plans to come back to Vancouver in the near future!!

Thank you for studying English at VanWest College for a long time, Yoshi!!  We all wish you continued success and we look forward to seeing you again.  Congratulations Yoshi!!

Here are messages from Clyde (left) and Jennifer (right).


Hey Yoshi SAN!!

It was a pleasure to have you back at VanWest again after a long absence. Thanks so much for your excellent help with activities. Your enthusiasm and energy enabled many people to have a better experience in Vancouver. Our school was brighter and better while you were here and your presence is already missed. So sad!! We all enjoyed spending time with you, and look forward to seeing you again soon. Vancouver misses you, VanWest misses you and most of all, the restaurants of our city miss you. Except all-you-can-eat restaurants. They are happy you are gone maybe.

Take care, Amigo!!

With love,

Your friend Clyde



I’m really going to miss seeing you around.  It was already hard not having you, the sunshine, in my class when you changed to another class, but now I don’t know when I’ll see you again. 😦  VanWest misses you right now!!  We need you to “Wake” everybody!  Anyway, thanks for coming back and I’m glad you had a blast again!  I wish you all the best!  Please don’t make us wait too long for you to come back!  We’ll be waiting!  Take care!!

Love and Hugs,



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