Articles from students at VanWest Kelowna [1]

Today we would like you to read three articles from studetns at VanWest Kelowna.

Here is an article written by Hye-Mi and Phillip, and they are taking a Cambridge writing class now.  You will get more detailed information about Kelowna through this article.

<The World of Dream>
What is most important to you when you choose a place for your vacation? If you want some place which includes alake, mountain and good landscape, you should come to Kelowna.

In the summer time, the weather in Kelowna is awesome. The percentage of sunshine is enough to ripen fruit, so there are many orchards in Kelowna like peach, pear and apple etc. Because of that, you can see vivid colour in the orchards. The sun is shiny, the sky is blue and the fruit in the orchards has turned an appetizing colour. Also, Kelowna has the big Okanagan Lake, so there are beautiful beaches. You can enjoy water leisure with different scenery on each beach. There are also many wineries. Every winery has wonderful landscape, especially “Mission Hill”.

In winter, Kelowna is covered all over with innocent snow, like it is white world. Snow white rabbits and cuddlesome children hop on the snow. Couples can make love stories in front of the brilliant lake.

I have told about the world of dreams in Kelowna. If you come to Kelowna, it is possible for you to experience all of the above. Visit Kelowna!!

(By:Hye-Mi and Phillip)


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