Articles from students at VanWest Kelowna [3]

Here is an article written by Simon, Amy and Sophie.  You will get more detailed information about various classes and VanWest Kelowna through their article.

<Get Hooked on English>

If you haven’t decided on proper school classes, welcome to Vanwest College. We have a variety of levels and activities. Now, we can tell you about our classes.

We have AM classes: 9:00~12:00

Sophie (level 4): The teacher is Bozhena. The class has various activities. (e.g. listening to the radio news, summarizing vocabulary and practicing grammar) If you join the class, you can have a firm foundation in English.

Amy (Cambridge class): Now, I’m in Cambridge class. In our class there is one nice teacher with 5 students. In this class we don’t have to take a test. It’s just our choice. We learn British pronunciation and some words which are different from America English. It’s very beneficial to us. I Love It!

Simon (Cambridge class): Oh! I’m from Cambridge class with Amy. I was embarrassed because I didn’t know the difference between British and Canadian words. Furthermore, the listening test is so fast. But, now I enjoy learning new British words.

We have PM1 classes: 13:00~14:30

Sophie (Public Speaking & Presentation): If you are afraid of speaking in English, you should not hesitate to take this class. Every day you can participate in new conversation and you can gain confidence to speak in English. I hope to meet you in this class.

Amy (Cambridge writing): My PM1 class is Cambridge writing. I joined this class because I wanted to improve my writing skills and I am interested in taking a test like Cambridge and TOEFL. In this class we write a variety of things and then we have them checked by our classmates before the teacher checks it for us. It’s a wonderful method for me to improve my writing skills.

Simon (News & Current Events): I think we should know the current events of the world as well as Canada. This class will help us to easily understand diverse information from CNN, CBC and Newspaper. Therefore, we will finally understand the large range of media.

We have PM2 classes: 15:00~16:00

Sophie (Pronunciation): When you speak to other people, do they sometimes not understand your pronunciation? If you have this, you’d better join this class. The basic of English speaking is pronunciation. Keep this in mind!!!

Amy (TOEFL): I have TOEFL for PM2 class. It was a little difficult for me the first time. As the time has passed, it gets better. We can learn all parts of the test. We practice with computers, like a real test. If you join this class, you will not be regretful.

Simon (Cambridge Reading): I choose this class because I am preparing to take a Cambridge test. My teacher is Jennifer. She seems to enjoy helping us to answer many questions. So, I needn’t be afraid of reading a book written in English.

There are more classes that you can join. If you want to improve your English ability, the best choice is Vanwest College. It’s time to decide. We’d love you to make a wise choice.

(By:Simon, Amy and Sophie)

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