VanWest Halloween Party!!

We had a Halloween Party on October 31st and it was a lot of fun!  We played games, carved pumpkins and had a costume contest.  All the students, teachers and staff enjoyed it so much.  Students came to school in original Halloween costumes and they took many pictures of each other.  Teachers and staff added to the fun by wearing funny costumes too!!  Here is a picture of the teachers and staff.


As you can see, our teachers and staff are very friendly and enjoy sharing events and parties with the students. Everyone gets along very well with the students, and we all have a good relationship with each other.

When students first arrive at VanWest College, they look very nervous and worried about life in a new school.  However, these fears are soon gone because our continuing students, teachers and staff warmly welcome new students, and offer to help them with whatever they need.  Our activity coordinator at each campus plans many interesting events and parties for students to enjoy.  It is a good chance for students to make many friends and use English after class.  If you study English at VanWest College, you will improve your English skills and have an amazing time while doing it!!

We are now planning the VanWest Ski Trip.  We are going to Big White (near Kelowna) on December 5th.  It will be fun and you should not miss it!!  If you would like to get more information about our activities and check our November schedule, please visit

Finally, please watch this video of the Halloween party.  You will see our students enjoying themselves and you can understand how wonderful and exciting the party was.

We hope you study English at VanWest College and look forward to seeing you soon. If you have any questions about our school, please contact us at


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