Article from a student at VanWest Kelowna

Here is an article written by Yoonju Lindsay Shin, and this time  she wrote it about the Food Bank.

“The Food Bank”

Do you know what a bank is? Of course you do. Mainly it receives and keeps customers’ money and gives it back to the customers when they want it. Then how about a “Food Bank”? Well, a food bank also receives some items and distributes them to some people. However, it doesn’t focus on carrying money. It usually gets food donations and it distributes them to those who are poor or who can’t afford to buy enough food.

Let’s look into it more! A Foodbank is an organization that can be found all over Canada. Foodbanks rely on volunteers to keep them going. They get food donations from supermarkets or food companies and they distribute them efficiently. Also, Foodbanks function as a food pantry. They store none-perishables and let people who can’t afford enough food choose foods from the food pantry. People can donate not only food but also cash or other items such as blankets or sweaters.

We also have a Foodbank in Kelowna. It started operating in a church basement in 1983. Over the nest two decades the Kelowna Foodbank gre from serving 600 people per year to nearly 30,000 people! Moreover, it now runs three programs.

First, Tiny Bundles is a program specifucally aiding pregnant mothers and families with babies less than one year. Second, the Vitality Program assures that required nutrients are provided to low income/high risk families. In 2007, the low income cut off was $21,666 annually. This program also assists children, breast-feeding mothers and the older population.
Third, the Special Needs Program provides food for clients with particular nutritional needs, including those with diabetes, AIDS and eating disorders.

Foodbanks are really helpful organizations. What’s even better is we are the ones who run the organization. Like I mentioned above, this organization counts on volunteers a lot, so it’s in a central location. It’s in our neighborhood.

Happy to help others, happy to get help! With a little bit of our help, people who can’t afford enough food can have a warm winter. It’s not hard at all! When we volunteer, we do simple tasks, meet people and have fun!! Why don’t you spend some time volunteering at the Foodbank this winter?

(By: Yoonju Lindsay Shin)clip_image002

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