Message from Norma <Part1>

Today I would like you to read an article from Norma, the managing director at VanWest College.  She has been working at VanWest College for 11 years!  Please contact Norma if you have any concerns or questions.  She is very happy to help all our students, and she warmly welcomes you to VanWest College.


Here is the article from Norma.  Enjoy reading it!

Help Us to Help You


We are pleased to receive so many positive comments about VanWest College every month, but what happens when a student is not satisfied? Sadly, sometimes we find out when the agent contacts us – after the student is already back at home. By then, it’s too late to ask the student to explain his or her concern so that we can do something about it! I would like to encourage students to speak to their teachers, or if that does not feel comfortable, to a student advisor, to discuss any concern they may have.


Almost always a problem involves a simple misunderstanding. For example, a student complained that her host mother was not very helpful. After talking to the host and to the student, we were able to help them understand each other better. The host had shown her student where everything could be found in the kitchen and had said that she could help herself anytime to fruit, yogourt, granola bars, etc, if she wanted a snack between meals. The student only heard, “Help yourself anytime!” and became upset and left before the family’s dinner time because she thought that her host did not plan to prepare any meals for her. After our discussion, the student was happy to learn that her host was using the very friendly expression, “help yourself!” as an invitation to her to relax and become a member of the family.


Another example … be continued next week

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