Message from Norma <Part2>

Another example concerns a student who was very upset that his teacher did not correct his speaking mistakes every time.  It’s common practice for ESL teachers to provide some speaking activities that focus on accuracy while others are focused on fluency.  If the teacher interrupts each student for every single speaking mistake at all times there would be very little conversation in the classroom.  Fortunately, the student did talk to his teacher and felt better to know that his instructor would help him with error correction but likely not in the middle of a conversation.  So, if you don’t understand the purpose of a class activity, please ask your teacher.  We are very approachable and would like to help you feel more comfortable trying new ways to develop your skills.

Are you worried about speaking up?  Please keep in mind that we cannot help if we don’t know that you’re unhappy.  We may not always be able to change something, such as our English Only Policy (!), but we will listen and help you understand the purpose of something that is unfamiliar or uncomfortable.  We know you’re anxious to improve your English and reach your goals.

In fact, for the past 21 years, all VanWest College staff members have been dedicated to helping students from around the world reach their goals to enter university, travel with ease in English-speaking countries, get hired by international companies and/or to make lifelong international friends and professional connections. I invite you to talk to us soon about your goals.  Let us help you to make them happen!

Thank you for your great advice, Norma!

For more information about our school, please visit our VanWest College’s Website! We all look forward to meeting you soon!dscf5104

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