A Day in the Life of Hiro

Today, we will join one of our VanWest students as he goes through his daily activities! Hirokazu Sato is a marvelous and very hard woking student.  He has been studying English at VanWest College since last September.  He has completed the Level 5 of our General English Program and is now taking the Cambridge FCE Program.

Now let’s look at Hiro’s daily life!

                                       8:00AM               Wake up, get ready for school

                                       8:30AM               Take a bus

                               9:00-4:00PM               Study at VanWest College

                               4:00-5:30PM               VanWest Conversation Club

                               5:30-9:00PM               Studya at the library with classmates

                                        9:30PM               Home

                                      12:00AM               Go to bed

      dscf5171   dscf5172 dscf5177 dscf5173    dscf5182

As you can see, he is studying English very hard for the Cambridge test now.  However, he also allows time for fun with his friends on weekends. He usually goes to parties, visits friends’ houses, travels and joins our VanWest Party every month!

For more information about VanWest College, visit our VanWest Website.  If you would like to book a trial lesson, please feel free to contact us at http://www.vanwest.com/contact.htm.

Finally, here is a message from Hiro.


   Hello. My name is Hirokazu Sato.  I’m from Japan.  After I came to VanWest College, I made a lot of freinds from Mexico, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Korea and Taiwan.  There is a good opportunity to meet great friends at VanWest College. I’m still keeping in touch with my friends, though some of them went back to their countires.

   Next, I woud like to talk about PM class.  This school has many classes to choose from for PM class, such as Focused Listening and Speaking, Pronunciation, Idioms and Slang, Dbate and discussion, Writing Skills and so on. It is very useful for me to improve my specific skills in English. When I first arrived at VanWest College, I could hardly speak anyghing in English.  However, I ‘ve been improving my English skills now.

   Finally, I would like to talk about school activities.  I think VanWest school activities are fantastic! I especially like “Graduation Party.”  In the Graduation Party, I can make new friends, chat with them in English and enjoy a lot!  If you want to improve your English skills and make many friends from other countries, you should study English at VanWest College!  I love VanWest very much!

Thank you for your great message, Hiro! If you have any questions, please email us at info@vanwest.com.

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