The VanWest Times!

Today I would like you to read “The VanWest Times” written by students, taking a PM News & Entertainment class.

You can get more detailed information about our NEW Kelowna School from Greg, the director at VanWest Kelowna.  Enjoy reading it!

Interview with Greg about our new school

Sean:  Hello, Greg.  Can I interrupt you for a minute?           Greg:  Of course.  No problem.

SeanWould you mind if I ask about our new school? We plan to publish a newspaper in our Current Events class and we would like to report some information about our new school.

Greg:  Oh nice~~, that’s a good idea.  Right now the new place is under construction and it will be finished before the middle of March.  We are probably going to move on March 27th and 28th.  Then the following Monday…hmm, from March 30th, students can study in our new school.

Sean:  Yes.  I see.  Can you tell me where it is and how big the new place is?          GregIt’s located on Leon Street next to the TD bank and it is 4 thousand square feet in size.  It’s twice as big as here.  There are 10 classrooms, a computer area and a student lounge area.

Sean:  Wow, that’s awesome.  How about the washrooms?  As you know, there are just 2 washrooms here, so there are always line ups.  Will there be more washrooms for women and men?          Greg:  Yes, the new school has double the washroom capacity so there will be fewer line ups.

Sean:  Oh great.  When we move, should the students help?  For example, carrying some chairs and moving our decorations from our classes.          Greg:  You probably don’t have to because we will ask professional moving company to do it.  All students have to do is find another bus stop or walk from Queensway.  It takes about 5 minutes.

Sean:  OK~  I will make sure I do that.  Do you have anything else to add?          Greg:  The new place will be painted with fresh paint but we don’t need to worry about a paint smell.  We are going to enjoy the new place.

Sean I bet we will be able to study and concentrate better in the new place! Greg:  I hope so.  Whenever you need help, drop by my office.          Sean:  Yes, I will.  Thank you for helping me.  Have a nice day.


For more information, visit our VanWest College’s Website!


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