VanWest School Policy

Today I would like you to read an article about our School Policy from Sun Ae Choi, a student at VanWest Vancouver.  She is a cheerful and outstanding student.  This Friday she will graduate from VanWest College, and start doing an internship from next week.  We are sure that she will have a great experience doing an internship!  Thank you for your great article, Sun Ae!picture-002

VanWest College has its school policies and they include English only policy and punctuality policy.  After studying at VanWest for three months, I strongly felt that these policies are not for teachers, but for students.

In VanWest College, I have never talk in Korean and it has motivated me to think in English. Moreover, I tried to speak English.  I could get more chances to be improve.  I saw a few students who got yellow cards from teachers because they spoke in their own languages, and they were penalized according to the school policy.

Punctuality is also an important policy to make students more responsible. If you are late even 1 minute, you cannot go into the classroom.  It is the most basic rule, especially for students who want to study.  What’s more, opening the door in the middle of the class could bother my classmates.  Therefore, we should follow the school policy for ourselves and our classmates.

I have been to several languages schools in Vancouver, but I have never seen a better school than VanWest. Personally, the reason that VanWest keeps their high academic environment is based on respect for school policies.  For that reason, we should follow them.


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