VanWest Cambridge Student’s Testimonial

Dario Denzler (Left) took a FCE Cambridge program at VanWest Vancouver, and he got an A in the FCE Cambridge Exam.

Picture 011

First of all, I want to thank my 4 lovely teachers Jen, Clyde, Vlad, and Rob! Because of you, I could achieve my goal and pass the FCE in grade A! Thank you SO MUCH!

Even though, it was school, and in with all honesty, I do not like school that much, it was always a pleasure to come to VanWest College every day. The atmosphere in the classes was just great, what made studying a lot easier for me. To get prepared for the FCE exam in 10 weeks means, there is no time to waste, but I couldn’t feel pressure at all, there was always time for a little chat or game if we were burned out of all the grammar and needed a little break to get a clear mind again. My teachers were also willing to stay sometime after school if I had questions about a topic I didn’t understand during the day and I think you can’t find this in every school. Thumbs up!

The mood between the students was also marvelous. Always good for a joke or even for a more serious chat if there was something that bothered you. It just felt like I knew these guys and girls for much longer that I actually did. I also liked that there were many different people from different backgrounds. It was just interesting to meet people from all over the world and have fun together. Love ya’ll=)

Besides classes at school, there were a lot of activities after doing your “JOB”. Going out with teachers, having dinner in a delicious restaurant or just grab a beer in a pub…there was always something important…to HAVE FUN!

Picture 005

Thank you for your great message, Dario!

The next starting date of our Cambridge program is September 14th. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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