Norma’s Farewell Message…

Hello Everyone!Norma & Karen

After spending well over half of my lifetime in the exciting world of education, as a teacher, advisor and administrator in public and private schools, working with Canadian and International students of all ages, it’s time for me to say farewell. I am stepping out of my role as Managing Director of VanWest College and moving to Vancouver Island with my husband to build a house, begin a new project or two, get involved in a more rural community, spend more time with family and friends – and perhaps even slow down a little!

Thank you most sincerely for preparing our students thoroughly for their study experience at VanWest College and for your friendship and support. Together we are not only helping students to develop their English skills to achieve their professional, personal and academic goals, but also we are empowering students to realize their full potential, facilitating international friendships and business connections, and building cross-cultural understanding and tolerance. It’s been a great pleasure to participate in this adventure with you and I wish you and your associates ongoing success and fulfillment.

Well, I assure you that I’m leaving the school in very capable hands! It’s been a privilege to work with the VanWest College team; our teachers, marketing, administration, homestay and support staff are exceptional people who will continue to provide prompt, caring and knowledgeable assistance to our students, agents and associates. My successor is a dedicated and passionate professional and I am certain that you will enjoy working with her. I’ll say “So long for now” and “best wishes” and let Karen Kloeble introduce herself as the new Managing Director of VanWest College.

Warm regards,

Norma Axford-Couch

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