Who is one of your favorite VanWest teachers?

This time I asked 3 students “Who is one of your favorite teachers?”  Please read their comments below and you will know about our teachers!

favorite teacher2

Carol was my level 5 teacher.  As every student knows, she is the head teacher of VanWest CollegeShe has been teaching for 15years since she came to our school.  She is so kind, friendly and generous, but when she teaches the class, she is so strict and clear.  I like her personality, of course, Carol has a warm heart like our mothers, so that’s why she is one of my favorite VanWest teachers.  (Romano from Korea)

mariko tamakiEdward is an absolutely great teacher.  He teaches us not only English, but  many other things such as; Canadian culture, background and news.  It is so helpful to learn about Canada and improve our English skills. The class is always enjoyable, friendly and motivated so that we feel comfortable asking any questions.  It’s awesome that everyone,  including me, seems to enjoy his class! (Mariko from Japan)

favorite teacherVlad is my favorite teacher because his lessons are very interesting.  His knowledge about several other languages helps him to understand a lot of country-specific mistakes. That makes him able to always give good advice to improve English.  Moreover, he is also a nice and friendly person.  It’s a big pleasure to visit his lessons!  (Christof from Switzerland)

Thank you for your comments, Romano, Mariko and Chris!!

Please contact us at info@vanwest.com if you have any questions.


2 Responses

  1. Vanwest College is full of excellent teachers, every teacher has their qualities, but all of them are not only teachers they ar also good friends and they are always there to hear and help us!! So please take care of your teacher!
    I miss u Vlad!! I miss u Dana!!

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