VanWest Kelowna Teachers & Staff (Part 1)

Here is information about VanWest Kelowna Teachers & Staff!  Check it out!

Director of Studies

greg7Greg has over 20 years of teaching and administrative experience.  He previously worked for VanWest College in Vancouver as a Teacher, Activities Coordinator and as the Managing Director.  Greg taught English in Japan for 4 years, managed Pitman Business College and continues to work as a ski instructor at Mt. Baldy Ski Resort near Oliver on weekends.


Registrar/Homestay Coordinator

Picture 012Julie has worked at VanWest Kelowna since the campus first opened in 2005.  Prior to coming here, Julie worked for 3 years in Vancouver as a registrar and as a homestay coordinator.  Julie has also worked locally in retail and as a secretary for a motion picture promotional company in her native Korea.

IELTS Test Preparation (High Level)

Jennifer PeacheyJennifer has 20 years of teaching experience in dance, ballet and ESL.  Jennifer is well travelled and previously taught English in Vietnam.  She has taught at VanWest Kelowna since 2006 and has worked in curriculum planning and in our TOEFL, TOEIC and Cambridge programs.

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