Remembrance day tomorrow

Hello everybody!

I’m Anna, the receptionist at VanWest College! I’m happy to post on the VanWest College blog; I hope I can write something which you’re interested in.

It’s raining lightly today in Vancouver. It’s 8 degrees and a bit chilly.

It’s the fourth week and the students had an exit test today. They have one more exam on Thursday but they looked happier than usual today…I think it’s because we have a holiday tomorrow 🙂 Tomorrow is Remembrance day.

During the two weeks prior to Remembrance day, a lot of people wear a poppy on a street, at work, school and even on TV.


The poppy represents the symbol of Remembrance. When you wear a poppy, you honour people who passed away because of war and their families.

On the weather forecast, it might be raining again tomorrow in Vancouver. It might be fun to get together with good friends and watch a movie with hot chocolate!

Have a nice holiday!


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