Beautiful city, Kelowna

Hello everybody!

Today I would like to show everyone the essays about Kelowna which VanWest Kelowna TOEIC students wrote for the blog! 🙂

The essays are all well written and it was hard for me to pick “first, second, third and the honorable mentions”. Good job, everybody!

Thank you very much to all the Kelowna TOEIC students and their TOEIC teacher, Jenn Peachey!

The winner and first-place essay is…

Local Food “Been There, Done That” by Sung and Faisal

This essay includes all the good points of Kelowna and should make people want to visit Kelowna! This essay made me miss Kelowna a lot especially, all fantastic fruit in summer…hmm yummy! Very well written. Thanks, Sung and Faisal!

Next, the second essay is…

The Most Friendly City by Yuki and Steven

The essay is about how friendly people are in Kelowna! The essay includes nice stories about Yuki and Steven’s experiences with people in Kelowna. If you need a help, always you can ask people in Kelowna and they would be happy to help you! Nice work! Thanks, Yuki and Steven!

The third essay is…

Weather Paradise by Bora and Mira

This essay is about the weather in Kelowna. When people guess about the weather in Kelowna, people usually would think it’s cold all the time because it’s in Canada! But Kelowna is called “Hawaii of Canada”. It’s very hot, dry and nice in summer. In winter, it snows sometimes but you can enjoy winter sports a lot! Very nice essay. Thanks, Bora and Mira!

I also would like to give honorable mentions to two essays.

First, Beaches by Tina and Bryan

The essay is about nice beaches in City Park and Peachland! The beaches in Kelowna are fantastic! The beach in City Park is also my favorite beach. On the weekend, there are a lot of people relaxing and having a good time there. In summer, people often play beach volleyball and it’s a good experience for students to join them and make new friends! Thanks, Tina and Bryan!

Okanagan Lake by Roy and Jeon

This essay is about the beautiful Okanagan Lake. It’s a very big and beautiful lake and it shows different faces depending on the season and the weather. If you ever have a chance to drive to Vernon from Kelowna, I would like you to see the beautiful colour of the lake and the sky with a magnificent view!

I also lived in Kelowna and all the essays reminded me the great memories in Kelowna. It’s such an amazing city!

Again, thank you all the Kelowna TOEIC students for writing great essays about the city!



2 Responses

  1. Wow! What a great collection of essays – well done TOEIC students! I work with Tourism Kelowna, and we also have a blog that you might enjoy including on your blogroll or having a look at. It is and is all about different tourism attractions and the people who run them, in Kelowna.
    Thank you again for this marvelous collection of essays on your blog. They were a joy to read!

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