Tips on Low Cost Studying at VanWest

Most people know that being able to speak English nowadays is very important for success. At VanWest College we understand that during these difficult economic times not everyone is able to spend a lot of money to learn English, this is why we’re sharing some tips on low cost studying at VanWest College:

Part Time Studies: VanWest College offers its students a variety of options when it comes to studying here.  A VanWest student can choose between studying 12, 15, 21, 27 or 30 hours per week, and if someone is trying to keep costs low, they can focus on the part time options of 12 and 15 hours per week.

The 12 hour per week program is an afternoon only option from Monday to Thursday from 1pm – 4pm.  Students get to choose 2 classes from our many afternoon elective classes which includes:  Pronunciation, Debates, Tourism, Idioms, Business English, TOEIC, Job Skills, Writing, Vocabulary and more!

The 15 hour per week program can be done as a morning or an afternoon program. The morning option is our General English program and the afternoon options include Cambridge Business English (BEC) or preparation for the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT).

Short term Studies: Another option for those who are on a tight budget is to take a short and intensive course at VanWest. Students can study between 1 week to 3 months of full time intensive studies, learn a lot of English, and save money on accommodation, entertainment and transportation that they would have spent if they had stayed for a longer period of time in Canada.

Study in Kelowna: Studying English at VanWest Kelowna is another excellent option for anyone who wants to learn more for less money. Although Kelowna has many great qualities, the fact is that the cost of living is lower in Kelowna than it is in Vancouver.  In Kelowna, students can chose from almost all the same programs as in Vancouver while saving money on cheaper tuition, accommodation, transportation and entertainment costs.

Online Learning: VanWest offers students high quality internet-based English lessons for self-directed study. This program gives students the option of improving their English grammar, reading, listening and test preparation skills without leaving home.  This option is an interactive and economical way to learn English. Programs include General English, IELTS, IT, hospitality, business and more.

If you have any questions about studying English in Vancouver or Kelowna, please contact us!


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