VanWest Vancouver Teachers (Pat & Clyde)

Pat is VanWest’s level 1 teacher.  She has been teaching at VanWest for 18 years.  Pat was born in Venezuela and her family moved to Vancouver in 1970.   Pat studied at Simon Fraser University and her major was Spanish.

Pat’s hobbies are hiking, yoga and working out.  She has two sons and a dog and is a very outgoing person, Pat really enjoys teaching and meeting so many interesting students.  In the future, she hopes to do a lot of traveling.

Clyde is a level 3 teacher, also he is the Activities Coordinator at VanWest.  He taught in Taiwan for 8 months before teaching at VanWest.  Clyde has been at VanWest for about 9 years.  He studied at UBC and his major was sociology.  He also studied psychology, history and English.  His hobbies are playing soccer and playing drums.  VanWest has a soccer team, they were champions 3 times.  In summer time, he takes VanWest students to the Rocky Mountains as a tour guide.


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