Volunteer work at the Foodbank

The Kelowna Community Foodbank provides food to local families and individuals who are in temporary financial difficulty.  VanWest Kelowna students volunteered at the foodbank on Monday, December 14th from 9:30 to 11:30AM. It was -12 degrees and was a cold day but students never complained and enjoyed their new volunteer experience.

About 20 students helped out that day and they did different kinds of work there depending on their class. The students of Karma’s and Jenn’s classes arranged food according to the type of food and the students of Alanna’s made the hampers (bags full of assorted food) for people who are not able to afford food by themselves.

After their volunteer work, the ESL teacher Jenn Peachey asked the students about their volunteer experience. The students said they enjoyed it and liked that it helped other people out. Even some students are eager to go back to do some more volunteer work at the Foodbank. Thanks, VanWest Kelowna!


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  1. Your’s is the inltelignet approach to this issue.

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