Cambridge P.E.T. class (Preliminary English Test)

I would like to introduce one of the popular courses at Vancouver campus, P.E.T.  (Preliminary English Test) with the fun and energetic teacher, Jennifer!

P.E.T. is an intermediate level Cambridge exam offered at VanWest College. It is for people who can use basic communication skills without any problems in English in all the aspects – writing, speaking, reading and listening. Most of the students take P.E.T. as the first step to take FCE (First Certificate in English) course or exam. If you would like to know how P.E.T. is recognized in your country, please click this link.

I got a chance to interview some of the students about P.E.T. class. Max, Tiago and Raied.

1. Why did you want to take P.E.T. class?

Max: I wanted to improve English, especially my listening and speaking skills.

Tiago: I’ve heard it is a well-known course at universities.

Raied: It’s a Cambridge course.

2. What do you like about P.E.T. class?

Max: My teacher, classmates, everything!

Tiago: We do a lot of different kind of activities in class and we can often work with a partner and learn from them.

Raied: It’s very fun and I can learn a lot of things in class.

3. What did you benefit from taking this class?

Max: I learned a lot of grammar.

Tiago: I feel my English improved very quickly.

Raied: I’ve improved English a lot in the all aspects.

4. Please write some comments for your teacher, Jennifer!

Max: Jennifer is a really good teacher. She teaches grammar very clearly. Also, she taught me a lot of idioms. I love her a lot!

Tiago: Jennifer is very patient with us. She speaks very cleary so it’s easy to understand her.

Raied: Jennifer is an easygoing, funny and a great teacher! She knows how to teach us English in a simple way and that helps us a lot!

Thank you for feedback, guys!

If you’re interested in knowing more information about P.E.T. class at VanWest College, please contact us!


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