Activity Calendar for March

Here is the activity calendar for March!
Of course, we have a lot of fun activities in March as usual. Here are some highlights!

On March 17th, don’t forget to wear green to school because it’s St. Patrick’s Day! Also, we’re going to a pub at night. I’m sure also a lot of people in Vancouver will wear green on that day!

On the 18th, we’re going to see a hockey game, Vancouver Canucks VS. San Jose Sharks. It cost $60 and it’s going to be an exciting game.
If you would like to go and see the game, please ask, the activity coordinator, Clyde.

From March 8th, please don’t forget that our all classes time will be back to 9am to 4pm. Also, time for conversation class will be back to the regular time, 4:15 to 5:15pm.

Tonight, we have a graduation party at Shenanigans (1225 Robson st.) from 7:30pm! Don’t forget to bring 2 pieces of ID including passport and enjoy your time with friends and Clyde!


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