Kelowna Summer Festivals

Kelowna is such a beautiful place to stay especially in spring and summer. Since there are many fun festivals and events, the city is full of energy!

I’d like to introduce some of my favorite festivals!

Parks Alive” is my favorite Kelowna summer festival. Concerts and food stands are held in North Glenmore, Rutland, East Kelowna, the Mission and especially the downtown area from June to September . Usually, the downtown area gets busy on Friday and Saturday night. Bring your blanket and chair downtown and enjoy the free concerts with your friends on the weekend! For more details, check out the activity calendar!

Also, “Fat Cat Children’s Festival” is one of the popular festivals in Kelowna. It is  going to be held on June 11th and 12th this year. There are many free events and acitivies. The parade will  start  from 10am to 11:30am on Saturday, June 12th. If you would like to meet new people, be a volunteer! It would be a good experience to work with Canadian, practice your English and enjoy the festivall! Weekend admission is $5 for individuals.

Don’t forget the big event on July 1st! It’s a very important day for Canadians, “Canada Day“! Get together downtown, enjoy music and good food with your friends! At night, the fireworks will light up the sky!

Here is a list of Vancouver and Kelowna festivals and events! Please check this out.



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