Your VanWest Marketing Team

Today I’d like to introduce to the newest member of the VanWest Marketing Team as well as remind you of who is here to help you and your students at VanWest College.

Fernando Kowal is our most recent member of staff and comes to VanWest from Mexico City where he worked as a student advisor and salesperson since 2006.  Fernando has excellent experience in student services, sales and marketing as well as visa processes and will be happy to assist both agents and students interested in studying at VanWest College.  Fernando speaks Spanish & English and is looking forward to joining VanWest College in Vancouver later this month!  “Kowal” as he likes to be called, can be reached by email at kowal[at]

Jamie Moon is originally from Seoul and has spent time in Vancouver as a student,  tourist, working holidaymaker and now as a resident.  Jamie has been working at VanWest College since early this year and initially started as an intern in the marketing department.  Jamie is quickly learning about student services and recruitment and is looking forward to meeting agents and students in Korea later this month.  Jamie speaks Korean & English and can be contacted at jamie[at]

Anna Kishida
joined VanWest College over a year ago as receptionist and her strong interest in student service & recruitment led her to join the marketing team this spring.  Anna has 4 years experience working in international education at Okanagan College where she also earned her Associate of Arts Degree.  Originally from Osaka, Anna lived in Kelowna, BC for several years and does a great job promoting VanWest’s Kelowna campus.  If you have questions about VanWest College or Kelowna in particular, please let Anna know by emailing anna[at]  Anna is happy to help you in Japanese or English!

Jeanette Kramer
is leading the marketing team at VanWest College. Jeanette has nearly 11 years experience in international education, marketing, management and student services.  Jeanette spent time as an international student in France and the Netherlands and enjoys meeting students & agents from all over the world!  You are welcome to contact her anytime at jeanette[at]  She speaks English, French & Dutch.

VanWest College has a strong focus on student and agent service.  Please feel free to contact any of VanWest’s staff if you have questions or need advice about programs, services, prices or visas.  We are happy to help you and look forward to welcoming students from all over the world to VanWest College in Vancouver & Kelowna!

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