Internship Testimonial

Our student, Daniel Martins (in the middle of the picture), had a great experience doing the internship program at VanWest College Vancouver! He even got the full-time job offer at the end of the program! Great job, Daniel!


“Nowadays, I work in a fuel cell company as a researcher. My job is basically being a member of the development team, which involves studies and practical tests on prototypes. I completed 2 months of my professional internship a couple of weeks ago. I came to Vancouver in December 2010 after my graduation in Chemical Engineering and, in that time, I had no detailed idea about what might happen in my career after this internship. I just wanted to achieve my fluency in English and to experience the North-American labor market. However, with great dedication and hard work, today I see excellent opportunities shining in my future. My internship, for example, that was supposed to be unpaid, became paid after one month. After that, this very internship that was supposed to be paid became in a full-time job offer. I have a lot to improve in my English yet, but the foundation built in the period of English learning was extremely important for my success.”


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