What is English learning all about?

What is English learning all about?

When we first start learning English, we can see ourselves improving as the weeks go by. In fact, the whole life just becomes absolutely interesting as you realise that you understand what other people saying, what the signs are saying etc. But then, you reach a point in your learning career where you suddenly feel like you have not been improving for a few weeks. You feel like you are at the same level. You are suddenly…bored.

This, believe it or not is the most important phase of your learning career. You can see on the graph that I have provided for you here that from the beginning, students learn English quickly and efficiently, but as they reach a point in time, their English learning plateaus. It stays the same….what the hell eh?!?

This phase – called the plateau-ing- is where you really need to start pushing and pushing and pushing yourself to the next level. How? Simple. You start looking back at your class notes and you start going over your mistakes on your own. Then you start challenging yourself by listening to any of the news channels like the BBC, the local radio (you have to know what is happening around you), make it an aim to learn and use one word per day.

If you are feeling like this – do not get discouraged, do not give up – everything is going to be alright…just trust in yourself. Better late than never!

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