CANADA DAY 2013 :-)


CANADA DAY 2013 :-)

Happy Birthday Canada Day!

Canada has a birthday on July 1st. Canada day is a national holiday in Canada that is celebrated with fireworks, parades and activities.


BBQ Party :-)

BBQ Party!bbq


We had a barbecue party in the last couple of weeks. Most students and teachers enjoyed the food. Also, we spent good time with our friends.

Trip to CAG (Contemporary Art Gallery)


VanWest students visited the Contemporary Art Gallery of Vancouver! They saw the work of Chinese artist who had dyslexia! The students were amazed by the works and thanks to the guided tour of the museum curator, we were able to understand!

Graduation Day

Na última sexta-feira nós tivemos o Graduation Day para entregar os certificados para os alunos que concluíram seus cursos no final de abril. Este dia é sempre emocionante para todos, como sempre nós tivemos a performance dos alunos da sala do Kris (nível 5) cantando duas músicas, foi muito legal!!!! Este mês nós ainda tivemos a despedida da querida professora Dana, que está se mudando para Toronto. Ela estava conosco há 15 anos e vai deixar muitas saudades. O importante é que todos vão torcer muito para ela!!!! Boa sorte Dana!!!! Parabéns alunos que se graduaram, foi uma satisfação tê-los conosco!!!!!!

Vancouver Summer Youth Program

Ready for a fun filled summer? Are you ready for the ultimate English learning adventure!? This summer youth program is designed for students from 9 to 14 and it is a great chance  to learn English whilst having fun!

Here are some information regarding the program:

Program Features:

  • English class combined with recreational and sports activities, tours and excursions
  • Qualified teachers
  • Theme-based English language instruction   
  • Regular homework-including a daily journal assignment
  • A dynamic classroom mixture of nationalities and cultures

Theme based projects in order to perform specific tasks 

Check out the schedules!

In the morning from 8:45 am to 11:45 am – students will be in class learning English. Followed by lunch from 11:45 am to 12:30 pm. After that, the students will be enjoying fun activities shown below!


For more information, contact us at!


Graduation day!

Long serving students of VanWest College has graduated! We had our graduation ceremony to congratulate, say good bye and wish the graduates luck!


Above: Mylene (Quebec) graduates with a big smile on her face!

The students also had a grad dinner and had a great party night out with friends! What a great day indeed! Image

Weekend Activity -Whistler Ski & Snowboard Festival


VanWest College is planning another trip to Whistler!  This time we are going up on April 20th for the Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival.  We are going to spend 2 days “riping it up” on the slopes and enjoying a variety of shows, concerts and performances at Canada’s premier ski destination.

VanWestでは4月20日から2泊でウィスラーに行くアクティビティを用意しています。今回は「スキー&スノボフェスティバル」ということで、コンサートやパフォーマンスもあるそうです!スノボ好きのスタッフはすでに参加を決めていて楽しみにしています。カナダでも指折りのスキー場、ウィスラーへお友達を誘って参加してみませんか。カナダ生活の良い思い出になりますよ 😉 詳細はフロントデスクまで☆