Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge :-)


There are 2 suspension bridges in Vancouver; Capilano Suspension bridge and Lynn Canyon Suspension bridge. We went to see a Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge for free and could enjoy the views of waterfalls and deep water pool. Also, we discovered again that Vancouver is so amazing with natural beauty


Celebration of light :-)


The Celebration of Light is an annual fireworks competition in Vancouver. Also, this is one of the biggest and well known festivals. The Celebrations were held by the United Kingdom, Canada, and Thailand. The 2013 competition winner was CANADA!! After the fireworks, it was so difficult to go back home but, this would be memorable experience for everyone.

UBC :-)

Ubc2UBC :-)

We went to the University of British Columbia(UBC) to look around their facilities. It was so outstanding and huge. Also, we saw the skeleton of a blue whale at Beaty Biodiversity Museum. This massive bone structure was larger than that of a dinosaur. Anyway, we took great pictures and had so much fun.

Queen Elizabeth Park :-)


Have you ever heard Queen Elizabeth Park?

Queen Elizabeth Park is one of the most beautifully maintained public park in Vancouver. We could enjoy the large park, great garden and views of downtown Vancouver. Also, it might be better to go there at night to see the view of downtown. As you can see the picture, we had a great time!

Granville Island :-)

Granville Island :-)

We went to Granville Island which is one of the tourist attractions in Vancouver to experience the public market and food there. We could sit and enjoy watching the boats. Also, it was fun for walking around the unique shops, restaurants, cafes and pubs. I recommend a visit.

Conversation club :-)


We had a conversation in Tim Hortons each other to improve our English. Whenever we had a difficulty in speaking English, the teacher tried to wait for us until we talked to something. It was such a great day*,*

Chinatown :-)



We went for a walk around Chinatown. As you know, Vancouver is multi-cultural country so there are a lot of immigrants from the Asia. Chinatown remains a popular tourist attraction and is one of the largest historic place. Also, we saw the building which is considered the thinnest building in the world by Guinness Book of Records.